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Analog mikroprocesor gas detection central unit type AUSY

Gas detection system

Gas system controllers

Product Description

  • Analog microprocesor gas detection central unit type AUSY
  • Power supply: 230VAC, UPS 12VDC, 7,5 Ah
  • Alarm relay: 12VDC, 10A NC/NO, 3x potential-free
  • Fault relay: (1) 250 VAC, 5 A, potential-free, change-over SPDT
  • Possibility of time delays and startup executive functions
  • Sound-light LED status display: pre alarm, alarm, fault, service
  • Acceptance of a two detectors gas type PDP-13EX
  • Possibility of connecting various indicators (siren, flashlight, relay outputs ...)
  • Working environment: -10C to +45 C (not for outdoor use)
  • Note: when ordering necessarily pay attention to the kind of gas is detected, the number of relay outputs, the number of detectors / probes, and the type and quantity indicators.
  • HRN EN 60025:2005
  • HRN EN 55014-1; HRN EN 55014-2
  • HRN EN 61000-3-2; HRN EN 61000-3-3

Measuring, warning and controlling device series for toxic, combustible and refrigerant gases and vapours. The gas controller type AUSY can monitor two detectors gas type PDP-13EX.

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