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Gas detection system design

Gas detection system design is a wide area today, for which there are many instructions and regulations.

When designing gas detection systems with all the valid electrical installation regulations, one must adhere to laws, rule books, norms and directives (EC) pertaining to areas endangered by potentially explosive atmospheres/gases and refrigerant leakages, as well as norms for equipment and protection systems intended for use inside them.
Before choosing the type of gas detection systems, one must know the purpose and risks, for people, the installation and environment alike, which the systems pose, in the area they monitor.
According to risk assessments, manuals and studies the employer must do or acquire, a gas detection system is intended for:
1. Areas endangered by explosive atmospheres
2. Areas endangered by poisonous substances
3. Installations which use substances affecting global warming or ozone lair depletion
4. Areas endangered by multiple previously listed factors