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Protec Algo-Tec 6400

The Protec Algo-Tec™ 6400 is a fully distributed, networked interactive digital addressable fire detection and alarm system, ideally suited for medium and large sized buildings such as hotels, and complex industrial.

Fire detection system

Fire system controls

Product Description

  • 6400 Series Common Specification
  • Temperature Range:0 - 40°C.
  • Maximum Humidity: 85% Non-Condensing.
  • Working Voltage: 21.5 - 30V dc.
  • Secure Network: Dual channel RS485 fault tolerant communications network for up to 100 nodes. 3 wire loop (2 Data & 0V), maximum 1km between nodes.
  • Node Power Supply Fault monitored dual path 24V dc from 6400/BC range PSU 4 wire plus 2 wire (2 Primary Power, 2 signals) (2 Sec. Power).
  • Total Node Load: Maximum load to a 6400/LPN or 6400/DCN/LPN is 6A.
  • 6400/DCN
  • Standby Load (Mains Fail Condition):210mA.
  • Alarm Load(Mains Fail Condition):390mA.
  • Display: Quarter VGA Backlit Graphics LCD
  • Zones: 100 Zone Fire indicators, plus common ‘FIRE’ indicator. Expandable to 800
  • Printer:40 column low noise thermal printer
  • Nodes:The 6400/DCN counts as one node on the network
  • RS232 Ports: Two full duplex RS232 ports for site programming, BMS, Colour Graphics or pager system interfacing
  • Auxiliary Output Supply: Two sets of 24V dc output terminals. Total load 1A
  • Common Fire Output (fire station): 24V dc fully monitored output rated at 20mA. 1K EOL
  • Common Fault Output (fire station): 24V dc fully monitored output rated at 20mA. 1K EOL.
  • Dimensions (mm): 440(W) x 385(H) x 104(D)
  • Approvals: LPCB Certificate No: 201ad/01 EC Certificate No: 0832-CPD-1434 Relevant Standard: EN 54-2
  • 6400/LPN
  • Standby Load (Mains Fail Condition): 250mA (2 loop) 310mA (4 loop)
  • Alarm Load (Mains Fail Condition): 480mA (2 loop) 540mA (4 loop)
  • Analogue Addressable Loops: 2 to 4 loops, each with 127 address capacity per loop. Total 6400/LPN capacity 4 loops, 508 addresses.
  • Total Loop Load: 600mA per loop including all loop connected devices.
  • Nodes: The 6400/LPN counts as one node on the network.
  • Programmable Alarm Outputs: 8 monitored 24V dc sounder circuits 1A rated. 47K EOL. 6 non monitored - clean changeover contacts (1A rated @24V). Expansion modules available to increase alarm output capability. Up to 127 programmable alarm outputs per loop using loop output devices. Total node load 6A.
  • Auxiliary Output Supply: Four sets of 24V dc output terminals. Total load 1A.
  • Common Fire Output (fire station): 24V dc fully monitored output rated at 20mA. 1K EOL. Dedicated Clean Changeover contacts (1A rated @24V)
  • Common Fault Output (fire station): 24V dc fully monitored output rated at 20mA. 1K EOL. Dedicated Clean Changeover contacts (1A rated @24V)
  • Software Input Switches: Class change, bomb alert. Plus four additional non-dedicated inputs for day/night mode, etc
  • Dimensions (mm) 440(W) x 385(H) x 144(D).
  • Approvals(2 loop): LPCB Certificate No: 201ad/02 EC Certificate No: 0832-CPD-1435 Relevant Standard: EN 54-2 & 4.
  • (4 loop) LPCB Certificate No: 201ad/03 EC Certificate No: 0832-CPD-1436 Relevant Standard: EN 54-2 & 4.
  • 6400/DCN/LPN
  • Combined 6400/DCN and 6400/LPN nodes within a common enclosure. The full specification for a 6400/LPN applies plus DCN controls.
  • Standby load (Mains Fail Condition): 380mA (2 loop) 440mA (4 loop).
  • Alarm Load (Mains Fail Condition): 770mA (2 loop) 830mA (4 loop).
  • Nodes: The 6400/DCN/LPN counts as TWO nodes on the network.
  • Dimensions (mm): 440(W) x 385(H) x 144(D).
  • Approvals (2 loop): LPCB Certificate No: 201ad/04 EC Certificate No: 0832-CPD-1437 Relevant Standard: EN 54-2 & 4
  • (4 loop) LPCB Certificate No: 201ad/05 EC Certificate No: 0832-CPD-1438 Relevant Standard: EN 54-2 & 4.

Designed and manufactured by Protec, to comply with EN 54-2 & 4, the system architecture has been developed to provide a seamless network of Display and Control Nodes (6400/DCN’s) and Loop Processing Nodes (6400/LPN’s). The nodes can be located to suit the site structure and for convenience of wiring, enabling the loop and sounder circuit cabling to be wired locally to the nearest 6400/LPN and displayed at any 6400/DCN around the network. This eliminates the problem of routing all the system wiring to one central location, usually in the reception of a building or a security lodge with restricted space or access.
The integrity of the system is also increased as the network is secure and an isolated incident cannot render the entire system inoperative.

Display and controls of the Algo-Tec™ 6400 system are via 6400/DCN’s. All the functions of the 6400/DCN are accessed via a modern styled hinged lockable door, moulded from polycarbonate, finished in storm grey with a clear display viewing window, optional polished solid brass or brushed stainless steel finishes for recess mounting only. When opened, the door allows access to the system controls.Two full duplex RS232 ports that are site configurable for baud rate/handshaking are available for site programming and interfacing to BMS, Colour Graphics or Pager systems.

The 6400/LPN nodes process the loop data from the field devices, communicate with other network nodes, and implement the cause and effects program for local and network fire signals. Sounder circuits and auxiliary change-over contacts are also controlled from the 6400/LPN.

The 6400/DCN and 6400/LPN are combined within a common enclosure. The appearance is the same as the 6400/DCN and uses the 6400/LPN back box to accommodate the cabling.

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