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Parkgard Level Controller PCL-MU-X

Parkgard Level Controller PCL-MU-X is used in combination with ultrasonic sensors for occupancy detection of vehicles in parking lots.

Smart parking systems

Indoor parking solution

Product Description

Controller for a continuous monitoring of the occupancy status of a parking garage. The Level Controller Series PCL-MU-X is able to monitor X (1-6) bus systems with each 32 ultrasonic sensors series PU-02 via the RS 485 bus, passes its values to the central PC and also controls local bus devices such as arrow / counter / displays, etc. The Level controller with sensor- bus-Interface handles the query and monitoring of ultrasonic sensors and their supply. Each surface-mounted-housing can be integrated with X (1-6) controller modules.

  •  Up to X*32 ultrasonic sensors of the PU-02-series can be connected
  •  Relay Module with changeover contact can be connected
  •  Easy and fast commissioning due to configuration with default parameters
  •  Easy Installation
  •  Subsequent installation possible
  •  No problems caused by sun and cold
  •  Flexible configuration by programmable parameters
  •  Micro-controlled
  •  For surface-mounting
  •  Serial interface RS-485
  •  Plastic housing IP65
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