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The 6400/LOOP/LCD can be connected directly to the local Algo Tec digital addressable data loop and takes up just one address.

Fire detection system

Loop Powered Repeat Panel

Product Description

  • Environment: 0°C to 40°C (85% non condensing)
  • Ingress Protection: IP30
  • Weight: 2.23 Kg
  • Loop Powered: Yes
  • Loop Standby Load: 35mA*
  • Loop Alarm Load: 50mA*
  • Loop Voltage: 16 - 28V
  • Loop Addresses: 1
  • Indications: Power, Fire, Fault, Disablement, more alarms
  • Controls: Scroll - Scroll through active alarms, Mute Mute local internal buzzer, Lamp Test – Indication integrity check
  • No of Displays: 2
  • Dimensions (mm): 360(W) x 215(H) x 47(D)
  • Device Protocol: Algo-Tec™ 6000

* For units using blue LCD's

The facia displays power, fire, fault, disablement and more alarms. Fire and fault events are displayed on the 4 x 40 character LCD display and automatically scroll. A backlight ensures that the events can be read in all lighting situations. Fire events have highest priority and inhibit the display of fault events. A new event initiates the internal buzzer and a mute button allows the internal buzzer to be muted.

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