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Interactive addressable heat sensor with low thermal mass thermistor, giving fast response to temperature increases.

Fire detection system

Fire system detectors

Product Description

  • Environment: -10°C to +50°C (95% R.H. non condensing)
  • Ingress Protection: IP41
  • Weight (excluding base): 90g
  • Loop Powered: Yes
  • Loop Standby Load: 0.2mA
  • Loop Alarm Load: 0.2mA
  • Loop Voltage: 18 - 28V
  • Isolator: No
  • Dimensions (mm): 98.60ø x 56.50H
  • Device Protocol: Algo-Tec™ 6000PLUS
  • Product Approval: LPCB Certificate No: 201w/01, EC Certificate No: 0832-CPD-1169, Relevant Standard: EN 54-5 CE Marked

The intelligent sensor data is evaluated by the Protec Algo-Tec™ 6000PLUS interactive programmable algorithms.
Suitable for applications where smoke detection is unsuitable but require a high sensitivity heat detector. Examples are boiler rooms, kitchens, laundries and ventilated areas

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