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Service and maintenance

One of the most important things for a device to work correctly, is its yearly checkup, which includes calibration of probes and the device, and yields a one year warranty.

The sensors in the probes are active elements whose sensitivity decreases with time, based on the conditions in which they operate, which is why they must be regularly inspected and calibrated with test gas mixtures. The whole point of gas detection systems is safety and protection of citizens and material assets and therefore, there are legal regulations, like check-ups and servicing done by the owners, which keep them always operational and functional.
Often in practice, the need for check-ups and servicing is not understood, as is differentiation between the two.
That’s why we would like to divert attention to:
According to art. 38 and 40 of the Law on fire protection,” Narodne novine”, no. 92/10, gas detection systems are used to ensure safety of citizens and material assets, which is why it is imperative to keep them in a functional state, according to technical norms and manufacturer instructions, of which there must exist a record(every work that is done is written in the maintenance book).
AUREL d.o.o., as a manufacturer, dictates examination and calibration of a system (servicing) every 12 months. Some, mostly foreign, manufacturers demand an even shorter period. Reason: Measuring probes, which are elements used for detecting gases, use semiconducting effects on tin-oxide crystals or some other chemical/physical effect which, by absorbing certain gases and vapors in the atmosphere, changes its electric characteristics. Probes, as active semiconducting elements, are prone to characteristics changes during operations and the durability of effective use depends greatly on their storage and cleanliness of controlled space. With that said, even electrical circuit elements of gas detection centrals are prone to changing their electrical characteristics during operations.
After the delivery of a new gas detection system and its assembly, our authorized employees do the first commissioning.
On that occasion, every part of the system is checked and the system is commissioned. After that the probes are checked and, if needed, calibrated. The system should already be calibrated, but there is always a possibility of a probe not activating due to the installation and differences of cross-sections. Also, the indicator activations and executive functions, if there are any, are checked. Once everything is tweaked and starts working, the user is trained in using the system and the technical documentation, in which the user gets a one year warranty, is certified. If there are any irregularities in the system, our employees are bound to take care of the problems in the shortest amount of time, 72 hours at the latest. This is done by our employees exclusively, and if it is done by an unauthorized person, the warranty becomes non-valid.